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The conference venue is the Radenci, Slovenia , located at Zdraviliško naselje 12, 9252 Zdravilišče Radenci, Slovenija (map).

Special room rates have been arranged for the ICNRDTNS ’21 conference participants. Details will be announced in due time.

About Radenci, Slovenia

Radenci Spa is located in the northeastern Slovenia, 5 kilometers from Gornja Radgona at the Austrian border and 12 kilometers from Murska Subota. Legends say that the path for the mineral water in the Radenci Spa is paved by the diligent elves. Karl Henn was listening to the underground ripples in 1833, when he visited Radenci for the first time. After detailed water analysis, he came back to Radenci as an acknowledged doctor and filled a first bottle with Radenska mineral water in 1869. It was later delivered to the imperial court in Vienna and to the pope in Rome. First guests visited Radenci almost 130 years ago, or in the year of 1882 to be more exact. Radenci Spa is known worldwide for its mineralized water. Mineral water Radenska is sodium-calcium-hydrogen-carbonate mineral water and its CO2 concentration make it one of the most abundant mineral waters in Europe. It has multiple therapeutic and beneficial effects on our body: stabilizes blood pressure, precipitates digestion, neutralizes excessive gastric acid, lowers the uric acid values, increases urine excretion and strengthens the body and well being in general. Mineral water helps with different heart and blood vessel diseases: arterial hypertension, stable angina pectoris, conditions after suffering a heart attack, conditions after heart and blood vessels surgeries, obstructed peripheral arterial and vein circulation. Mineral water is used in water-intake therapies and mineral baths. The temperature of the mineral bath is 30-33 degrees Celsius, it lasts from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the individual. A significant therapeutic factor in Radenci spa is also the sweet water mud. Peloid compress has a soothing effect, alleviates the pain and has a positive effect on chronic inflammations. As one of the rare true health resort towns, Radenci boasts as many as four natural healing factors: natural mineral water, thermal water, healing mud (peloid) and beneficial climate with 250 sunny days per year.

Radenci is know as oldest marathon. This is the oldest marathon, not only in Slovenia but in all of south-eastern Europe. All tracks are officially measured by AIMS/IAAF. They are run on flat terrain between fields and villages along the river Mura. As a participant describes the event: “One of the last running events with heart and soul” Three Hearts Marathon (Slovene: Maraton treh src) is a marathon, organised in Radenci in Slovenia. It has been taking place since 1981 and attracts several thousand people each year. In addition to the marathon, a half marathon (21 km), recreative running (10 km) and a course for juniors and teenagers are organised. The event was the Slovenian national championships race from 1992 to 1998 and has hosted the national race in even-numbered years since then, now sharing the honour with the Ljubljana Marathon.




The town of Radenci is easily reached by land and air.

By air


In addition to the daily flights to many European cities, there are three low-cost flight providers flying from the main Slovenian international airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana. They are EasyJet, Transavia and Wizz Air, flying to London, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam. Adria Airways is the only Slovenian air carrier and it operates most of the flights to Ljubljana; however, you can also fly other air carriers, such as Turkish Airlines, AirSerbia, AirFrance, LOT, Finnair and Montenegro Airlines. You can also fly to one of the foreign airports in the near vicinity, and access Slovenia from there by bus, train or rental car.

Transport services from nearby airports to Slovenia are also offered by low-fare transport providers, such as GoOpti (booking is also possible through the global Amadeus booking system) and others.

Within Slovenia, it is not reasonable to travel by air, since the distances are too short.

You can travel to Slovenia by air to the central Jože Pučnik International Airport or to any of the airports in the neighbouring countries. For more informations about travel to Slovenia by air you can see on




Thanks to the excellent highway system in the region, driving is an attractive option for participants from neighboring countries, such as  Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. See ViaMichelin for estimated time and cost of travel.

Visa requirements


Citizens of some countries need an entry visa for the Republic of Slovenia. Current visa regulations are given at the Web site of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. For an overview of diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Slovenia and all information regarding visa requirements please check

Accommodation at the conference hotel

Hotel Radin


The conference hotel is Radin (4*). The oldest mention of the town of Radenci dates back to 1436, when it was referred to as Radein. Our hotel was named after this early variation. A four star Hotel Radin is the central hotel of the spa complex and it’s connected with Izvir hotel, thermal swimming pool part and health and wellness centre through a hallway. Most of the single-bed rooms in Radin have French beds, and the specificity of the two-bed private rooms is that they have an extra bed.

The Hotel Radin is distinguished by a drinking lounge with a spring of natural mineral water. From the hotel, guests have direct access to the thermal world, the health centre and the wellness centre. The hotel restaurant offers a selection of healthy dishes. Treat yourself to a break at a health resort with a beneficial climate!

Hotel Accommodation

A number of hotel rooms in different price categories have been booked in Radenci with arrival September 18 and departure September 20 for the congress in Hotel Radin and Hotel Izvir. Additional nights can be confirmed if available.

The oldest mention of the town of Radenci dates back to 1436, when it was referred to as Radein. Our hotel was named after this early variation. The Hotel Radin is distinguished by a drinking lounge with a spring of natural mineral water. From the hotel, guests have direct access to the thermal world, the health centre and the wellness centre. The hotel restaurant offers a selection of healthy dishes. Treat yourself to a break at a health resort with a beneficial climate!

Double room
Comfortable double room with a 200 cm wide bed or two separate 100 cm wide beds. The room (23.5 m2) features a bathroom with bathtub and toilet as well as a desk and sofa chair.
Double room economy
Comfortable double room with a 160 cm wide queen-sized bed and balcony with a view of the park. The room (16.5 m2) features a bathroom with bathtub or shower and toilet as well as a desk.
Double room Premium
Comfortable double room with a double bed 200 cm wide or twin beds 100 cm wide and park view. The 23.5 m2 room features a bathroom with a bathtub with shower and toilet, a writing desk, a balcony and an armchair.

The Hotel Izvir is situated next to the resort park with a unique spring of mineral water. There are few places that could boast as many natural mineral water springs as Radenci and the area around it. Over 45 springs have been documented. Archaeologists have found that the local mineral water springs were discovered and used even in prehistoric times. The Hotel Izvir was named in tribute to these wonderful gifts of nature (“izvir” means a spring in Slovenian). The hotel features rooms for health resort guests and other guests. It offers all the comforts of a health resort with direct access to the thermal world, the health centre and the wellness centre.

Double room
Comfortable double room with a 180 cm wide bed or two separate 90 cm wide beds with a view of the Mura River. The room (22 m2) features a bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet as well as desk.
Economy double room
A comfortable 16,4 m2 room with  king size bed (140×200 -160×200 cm) and ensuite bathroom with shower or bathtub.
Comfortable double room with a 180 cm wide bed and a view of the park. The room (28.80 m2) features a bathroom with shower and toilet as well as a desk.

Prices are in EUR and include one-night stay per room including buffet style breakfast (VAT and tourist tax included).

Hotel Radin **** Single room (per person)   Double/twin room (per person)
FULL BOARD 73€ 62€


Accommodation for one night for one person in selected room type with bed and breakfast, halfboard or full board, free entrance to the thermal swimming pool complex. Tax 2,00 EUR per day and per person and registration fee 1, – EUR per person and stay, are not included. Rooms are available from 2.00 p.m. on the first day till 11.00 a.m.on the last day

The price includes:

  •  Accommodation in a selected hotel and a selected room,
  • Overnight stay with a rich buffet breakfast at the Radin Hotel restaurant (+ additional lunch or dinner choice of half board or full board),
  • Unlimited bathing and all-day bathing on the day of departure,
  • 1 x daily entry into the world of saunas Radenci Health Resort until 16 th,
  • Bathrobe in the room,
  • Free WI-FI in the hotel lobby,
  • 10% discount on the wellness services of Zdravilišče Radenci,
  • Free parking spaces are available to hotel guests.




Accommodation can be booked on-line via a hotel reservation form by credit card only: the number of your credit card is required as a guarantee and will not be charged unless agreed so.

All requests will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.

For all information about reservations in Hotels

Hotel Radin
Zdraviliško naselje 12, 9252 Zdravilišče Radenci, Slovenija
+386 2 520 27 27

Attractions and What to See


Conference participants and attendees of ICNRIDTNS ’21 should capitalize on the opportunity to “mix business and pleasure”, and take advantage of what Radenci and Slovenia have to offer.

Information and some suggestions what to see are provided below.

Mineral bath

The mineral water  from Radenci is used for bathing and drinking. A bathtub filled with mineral water – much richer in bubbles than bottled water – is absorbed through the skin, expands the blood vessels and makes the vascular walls softer and more flexible. Even a short, 15 minute bath will help regulate blood pressure, resulting in an immediate boost of well-being, while also benefiting the heart and skin. It is best to complement the baths with a drinking treatment – pouring yourself a glass of the mineral water straight from the spring an hour before meals at least three times a day for five consecutive days. While the world is only just discovering the power of the CO2 bubbles, Zdravilišče Radenci has a long tradition of using the effects of its mineral water with one of the highest levels of naturally occurring CO2 in the world.

The benefits of mineral water baths

Bathing in mineral water significantly boosts the resistance of the organism, increases the elimination of waste substances and alleviates a number of health issues linked to poor blood circulation. Mineral water baths are particularly beneficial for diabetes sufferers and patients with atherosclerosis, as they warm up cold limbs and alleviate painful spasms.


Activities and events for guests

Every day, guests can choose from a variety of sports activities, from morning and evening workouts to water fitness and Tibetan exercises. You can walk with us along the Mura, around the springs of life, along the Trail of Hearts or to the nearby chapel. We also organise various daytripswhere you can discover the Prekmurje landscape, sights and gastronomy.

Activities for relaxed socialising and strengthening of team spirit

Visit to a thermal centre
Rafting on the Mura in a rubber raft
Hot air balloon rides
Visit to a cellar in Gornja Radgona with wine and sparkling wine tasting
Paintball contest
Fish picnics
Visit to local vineyard cottages and agritourism farms

Training camp at Radenci

The Radenci Health Resort has always been known as an excellent starting point for training camps as it offers a comprehensive sports infrastructure inn addition to numerous options for relaxation and fastest possible regeneration after intensive physical activity. Owing to its broad selection of medical services, it is an optimum choice for rehabilitation after sports injuries or surgical procedures.

Thermal water park at Zdravilišče Radenci

Visit the Zdravilišče Radenci Thermal Park with 10 pools and discover the beneficial power of thermal water. Our guests often say that they like to spend the whole day at the pool!

In thermal water park for all ages you can visit

Over 1,4002 of water surfaces
An indoor and outdoor pool with thermal mineral water
A Kneipp pool
Indoor swimming pool with plain water
A fast swim current, underwater and above water massage, waterfalls
Buffet restaurant and bar
10 indoor and outdoor pools, open all year round
An indoor pool with underwater massage jets
An indoor and outdoor children’s pool (up to 30 cm deep)
An outdoor youth pool (up to 100 cm deep)
Guided workouts in the pools

Golf Course

Radenci Golf Course is located in the middle of the mineral waters, between the vineyards of Kapela, which are illuminated by the sun 250 days a year. Not far away are the thermal bath Radenci, which is only 1.3 km away and 6 km from the golf course on the Austrian side are the spa Bad Radkersburg. Game, as well for beginners, as well as for experienced players, which together with the soothing microclimate offers a true pleasure. A special attraction is provided by the fifth hole, which has two green areas, which are separated by a water obstacle. A special feature of the Radenci Golf Course is the carefully planned runway for ultralight aircraft, which is unique in Slovenia and a rarity in general. The runway is located in the middle of the Glofplatz. Opening Hours: MAY – SEPTEMBER: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM OCTOBER: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Golf Course Specifications Length: Men: 1669m (9 holes), 3338m (18 holes) Women: 1459m (9 holes), 2918m (18 holes ) PAR: 62 Scorecard 2016.

Sikalo ZOO

Our aim is to preserve and up bring the animals in a quality environment. We also wish to educate people who are going to become or are already animal friends. This is the reason why mainly children visit our ZOO. We wish to draw nature and animals nearer to our children. People, who need advice on how to establish a bond of trust between man and animal, visit our ZOO. The modern person is losing his touch with nature. This means he is also losing touch with himself. The ZOO teaches children how to interact with animals, how to create a habitat that ensures a healthy life (air, light, healthy food…). It also teaches them that animals need love, trust, and respect… When a child experiences nature with all of his senses, he establishes a positive attitude towards it. Our childhood experiences stay with us forever; sound, smell or images. Modern kids are much more familiar with ringtones than with animal sounds. They create imaginary images instead of images of real creatures that live with us. To bring nature closer to them we offer learning with realia for individuals and groups from schools and kindergartens.


The mere presence, observation, petting the animal, interaction or the care for the animal improves our mood. It relaxes us, increases our immune system and improves our communication… Research have shown that the interaction with animals has a positive influence on our health (after a stroke or other illnesses) and it can prolong our life. The animal can become our friend, companion, teammate, comforter or someone who needs to be looked after. The animal relaxes us, calms us down and brings us joy. It can be a fellow passenger in loneliness or a bright spot during an illness. Animals can also assist us in different activities and therapies.


The ZOO is located on the estate in Boračeva, a place in the municipality of Radenci – not far from the health resort. Beautiful forests surround the ZOO. One side of the forest reaches all the way to the river Mura, while the other end touches the wine-growing hills. We try to constantly introduce new animals to the ZOO, upkeep our accessible paths and maintain the surrounding clean. We are also expanding the animals´ habitat to accommodate for extracurricular and educational activities. The modern children aren´t in touch with nature enough. They barely know it and have no knowledge of nature´s rules. They do not interact with animals enough. The ZOO is specifically built to accommodate for this. Our visitors can watch, pet, feed, photograph and jot down interesting facts about the animals. This can be done under the watchful eye of an expert. Those eager for equestrian sports can ride horses or learn the basics of horse riding. Natural farming also takes place on the estate. The city folk usually treats illness with pills; however, contact with nature also remedies the negative effects of stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, interpersonal conflict… We invite everyone to find health in nature and alongside the animals. We have an excellent cycle path, trim track, and kind people. Locals are very pleasant and talkative. We have socialized our animals. Animals are constantly interacting with each other and with us. Their habitat is 2.7 ha large. Different groups of animals occupy the pastures at different times. We also cultivate 6.5 ha of land for obtaining quality fodder.

In the future, we wish to expand our offer by building a larger terrarium, an educational forest road and by introducing new animals to our ZOO.

Safari on Sikalo ZOO

All informations about Sikalo ZOO is available on

If you want to know more about Slovenia, please, visit the official site of the Slovenian Tourist Board.


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